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Equilibrium: Finding a New Balance

 May 12 & 13, 2023
  University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK
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Keynote - The Unfolding Saga of Prion Diseases

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Napper served as the Director of Research for VIDO helping to guide the organization to be the first in Canada to isolate the virus, first to develop an animal model, and first to develop a vaccine candidate. Dr. Napper has a strong commitment to science education. He led the recent efforts to restructure the curriculum and governance of the undergraduate Biomedical Sciences Program at USASK. He is a frequent speaker at high schools within the province, a science ambassador for the Calgary Science Center, and a four-time winner of the University of Saskatchewan Teaching Excellence Award.


  • Dr. Scott Napper

    Dr. Scott Napper is a Professor of Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Immunology at the College of Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan. He is also a Senior Research Scientist within the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization. A protein biochemist by training, his research interests are in the development of vaccines for protein misfolding diseases, such as Prion, Parkinson's, and Alzheimer's disease.